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Take Two with Koda

V may say that she knew within five minutes that I was someone she wanted to have in her life forever, but she wasn't as hooked as I was. I knew I was doomed the minute she walked in. Purple hair glowing in the neon light V was bold and brash. She laughed along with my stories and pushed back almost refusing to be impressed. The next month all seemed to be a challenge to see just how far out of my comfort zone she could push me... I mean I even went on a nature walk. Eventually, it was time to replace my totaled car. Not having budgeted for the accident I didn't have much for a down payment which left few cars in my price range. My favorite of the options was an Accord coupe. I, ever hopeful of a growing future with V, used that as an excuse to see where I stood. I sheepishly told her I was looking at a 2 door car but was worried it didn't have much backseat space. Not getting my hint that I might soon be helping with the kids she kicked me in the ego by pointing out that I was a single guy living in an apartment and probably didn't need much cargo room.

Now six years and 2 vehicles and countless carseats later here we are with a home full of music and silliness. She still likes to push me to seek discomfort, to grow, to be a better version of myself.


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