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Introductions and stuff ( THAT thing Koda never does) 



In 2017, two ordinary people looking for not complicated met on a whim, drank some whiskey, told some stories, and the rest was history.

Victoria [V] is a Vermont native who moved out to Minot in 2015 from Delaware with her then husband and their children, Lili and William. She met Ken [Koda] shortly before her separation. Koda has been her main support person as she and her children transitioned into their new lives and made Minot home.  In this time, she has grown as an individual and as a professional. She is proudly a member of the Minotauro staff as editor and chief of The Tauros Tribune.  She is known for her colorful hair, equally colorful purple Jeep [yes, the hair came first], creativity and out of the box thinking. 

Ken [Koda, Kenny, Oda] is a man of many names and many talents. Proud Chicago native,  Koda moved to Minot in 2012 shortly after the flood to be the Minot Minotauros' broadcaster and director of operations. He spent the first few months living in the then Head Coach's basement and learning to thrive at the extensive not-my-jobs that were thrown his way. He likes to tell people the team lost over a quarter of a million dollars his first year, yet still he and the team still near over a decade later. He is know for his extensive vocabulary, love of palindromes, math, candy, soy sauce, and dad jokes.

In August of 2018 after dating for over a year and half, the pair decided to move into together into what they fondly now call "The White House". They were accompanied by V's two small children. Shortly after moving into their new home together, V fell down the stairs on her way to work one day and broke her leg. Well, when V breaks something, she really breaks something. She did not walk again unassisted for four months.  V was bored on medical leave and Ken did what any good partner would do, her put her to work! In this time, Koda and her learned to work together both as intimate partners and professionals. Six years later, they pride themselves as a power couple and soon to be husband and wife. 


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